Benefits / Why Should you attend?

Prerequisite : Introduction to Collaborative Learning - Once we have looked at the theory behind cooperative and collaborative learning, we are ready to visit cooperative groups in action. This section includes real-world examples and information on how to make cooperative and collaborative learning work in your classroom.

Advanced Collaborative Learning - Part I

Participant Status
  • Cooperative groups in action 
      - In classrooms 
      - In schools 
      - What do cooperative lesson plans look like? 

    - How do I get started using cooperative and collaborative groups?
    - What are the most effective small groups I can use for different learning objectives?
    - What are some challenges I might face?
    - How do I assess students' progress?
    - How can small-group projects involve parents and the community?
    - How can technology be used with cooperative and collaborative learning?

    Prerequisite -  Introduction to Collaborative Learning

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