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ECE pedagogy is deeply rooted in play-based learning and active learning approaches, as opposed to sitting and listening quietly. All together these ideas are reinforced in highly practical ways, by designing educational processes and pedagogical activities where children become active learners, co-construct their knowledge and experience, and therefore take ownership of their learning process as individuals and in groups.

To bring the pedagogy into action, CCE  is introducing  “SISU Box - Finnish Preschool in a Box(TM)!” 


Note- Shipping cost is at actuals.


SISU Preschool Box All-in-one- Supplier price

  • SISU box is a Design from Finland accredited box especially designed for the early childhood education section. SISU box presents a package for use in real-time teaching and learning situations.  The learning materials are suited for the 3yr - 6yr old students. The box is an idea inspired by the Finnish social innovation known as the Maternity box (Äitiyspakkaus). It's a start-up kit for the teachers to activate their students in the Finnish way. The material in the SISU box is designed considering the development goals of the children. 

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