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CCE in collaboration with Proakatemia

Welcomes to experience an international training week in Tampere Finland!

21-25 May 2019



Early Bird Price - 850 €

Open until 31st March 2019




1st - 30th April 2019 - 950 €



Proakatemia is an entrepreneurship and team leadership unit of Tampere University Of Applied Sciences. We improve actively our skills in teamwork and leadership. The studies are implemented in the most practical way. 

Domestic and international networks of Proakatemia create an opportunity to build large and diverse networks. It eases future employment and gives strong support and fellowship also after graduation.


CCE's major area encompasses working with young innovative minds and nurturing their creative abilities A creative ideator is a person who innovates and design creative ideas and makes it happen. (S)He is a solution seeker, problem solver and innovative thinker at heart. Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland believes in innovative powers young minds posses and our goal is to give freedom to explore their innovative ideas, creative abilities going through the process of creating something new. 


To achieve these goals CCE has now joined hands with TAMK (Proacademia) for their entrepreneurship education camp to be held in May 2018.


But why team learning?

Team learning model enables students to learn major issues in a creative environment, benefiting their dreams and future. The main purpose is to produce unique learning experiences; for one can decide by oneself which subjects one can experience to be useful, and concentrate on them without someone telling you, what and how you should learn.


The model isn’t based on any belief because according to studies learning by doing and self guidance are the most effective ways to learn.

Come and explore an innovative learning environment Proakatemia in action. Get new ideas and tools for learning, entrepreneurship and innovations for your everyday work. Take part in fresh workshops and development of new project ideas and grow your network with new worldwide professionals. And, at the same time have fun and explore the beautiful, historical city of Tampere and amazing nature landscapes of Finland.



  • Teaming up

  • Introduction of Proakatemia and its history

  • Basics of the method of team learning

  • Training sessions for example about coaching, student’s freedom & responsibility and entrepreneurship canvas

  • Visiting an Alumni company

  • Project stories by team entrepreneurs

  • Knowledge about how to put team learning model in action

  • Getting known to Finnish traditions

  • Special dinners and evening programme at Tampere



All the compulsory needs:

  • Accommodation and breakfast at Forenom Aparthotel Tampere City from Monday 21st Of May till Friday 25th of May 2019. For an extra charge, it is possible to book one extra night. (70 € / night)

  • Light lunches and snacks from Monday to Friday at Proakatemia (including coffee, of course)

  • Lots of laugh and networking

Program Schedule

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