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Frequently Asked Questions

Diploma in Earlychildhood Education- General questions

Is the course online?

Yes, it's an online course.

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is 12 weeks. Out of 12 weeks, 8 weeks are dedicated for theory lessons and 4 weeks for internship program.

Would there be assessment at the end of the course? If yes, what would be the mode of assessment?

Assignments are given regularly throughout the whole course. The participants are expected /supposed to complete them and submit /return it online into Google classroom. If there is a technical difficulty in Google classroom then the participant can submit it via email.

How is the course conducted?/What is the mode of instruction?

We use Google classroom as the learning platform for the course. All the study material, presentations by the teacher will be uploaded to it. You will also need to submit your assignments there. There will be a lecture or new reading - writing assignment every week. All the lectures are pre-recorded and will be uploaded in the Google classroom in serial order one at a time.

What is the course structure?

Details of the program with internship: Week 1(Online) -Introduction to the Diploma on ECE Child growth, development and learning: standard facts Prime areas of learning and development (0-6 yrs)(PSED, Communication and Language, Physical development) Week 2 (Online)- Specific area of learning and development (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world, expressive art, and design) Characteristic of effective learning Week 3(Online)- Philosophy of Education in early years Introduction to eminent educationist -M 1 Week 4(Online)- Philosophy of Education in early years Introduction to eminent educationist -M 2 Week 5(Online)-Creative teaching for early years- Narrative teaching technique Dramatics,Learning through movement Week 6(Online)- Making of teaching-learning aids Using various kind of materials Week 7(Online)- Using educational toys for kids Using ICT and media for teaching learning Week 8(Online)- Observing the children Self-assessment Week 9(Own or On-site location)- Internship week 1 - Observation of the activities in ECE center (ECEC) Week 10(Own or On-site location) Internship Week 2 - Developing your own small technique working with the mentor in the ECEC Week 11(Own or On site location) Internship Week 3 - Developing your own small technique working with the mentor in the ECEC Week 12(Own or On site location) Internship week 4 - Writing a report of your internship in ECEC and getting it approved by mentor

What kind of certification is awarded at the end of the program?

All participants will receive the prestigious Diploma certificate from CCE Finland with Education Finland logo - CCE Finland is an official member of "Education Finland" governed by Finnish National Agency for Education under the Ministry of Education, Govt of Finland. It will be the digital certificate.

What are the requirements to apply to the program ECE online with you?

To apply for the ECE online course, you need to fill in the registration form on the ECE course webpage and pay the fees. There is no special documents required.

Where can I do the internship? Do I need to travel to Finland for the internship?

You can do the internship at your own location or near vicinity. You don’t need to travel to Finland for that.

For the internship, how many hours of participation will that be? What if I can’t a place for the internship?

At least 6hrs per day for 4 weeks is advisable. If you can't find the place for an internship then it will be a problem, but normally our experience goes that everyone finds an internship place as the owners of the ECE centers don't need to pay anything to the interns. You will receive all the documents needed for the application of intern by CCE Finalnd in google classroom.

I do not live in Finland. For internship, will you be able to provide the school to me as well?

Finding an internship place is the responsibility of the students. So we don't find the internship place for you but we do give you the document support like the covering letter for the internship.

Is this diploma valid all around the world?

Yes, it is valid all around the world. This is an additional course which helps you in developing your professional development skills but it is not sufficient for the job application. To get the jobs in Finland as a kindergarten teacher you need to have some basic degrees. You can refer the following link for more details: For the rest of the world, it is advisable that you check the requirements for being a ECE teacher in your country of residence. Getting a job also depends on your other qualifications and skills that are not related to this course.

I noticed that a new batch of the course has already started. Can I still join the course?

There is good news for you. Starting from June 2019, we have rolling admissions. It means that you don’t need to wait for the next course to begin but you can enroll in the same course within 6 weeks of the course. Of course, you need to go serially as the sessions are interrelated and every session has an assignment. Without completing all the assignments, you will not be able to get the final certificate. Earlier notification will be sent to you through an email if there is a change in the course schedule.

I registered and made a payment. What is the next step from my side?

Once we confirm the registration and payment, we will send an email about the detailed course information of Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

I already filled registration form. How can I make a payment?

To make the course payment, please check the attached link and follow the instructions.

If I joined this course late (after few weeks of the course start) then how should I follow the coursework?

As you started the course late, you need to follow the course content according to the schedule i.e follow the order and session sequentially one after the other. You should not do it randomly by taking any videos from another week's schedule. If you have more time you can complete all the sessions one by one following the proper order.

Is this Diploma course as per the Finnish education system? Will it give an insight about Finnish curriculum?

The content of Diploma in ECE comprises international understanding about ECE with Finnish approach of implementation. As this course is meant to be for international educators, we have considered this content will be most suitable for all the teachers enrolling from various locations. So far this course has gained traction from 40 countries.
The theory part is mostly international which is based on contemporary knowledge about education in early years, neuroscience and theories of education. The practices in Early childhood education that are described in this course are from the Finnish Early Childhood centers.

Dates, Deadlines and Schedule

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