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Creative Ideator eCamp for students 10-15 years age

Starting from 26th April, let your kids convert the ideas into reality!

What is Creative Ideator Camp?

A creative ideator is a person who innovates and designs creative ideas and makes it happen. (S)He is a solution seeker, problem solver, and innovative thinker at heart. Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland believes in innovative powers kids possess and our goal is to give them the freedom to explore their innovative ideas, creative abilities. CCE is providing a platform and environment for the kids from age of 10 to 15 years through 3 weeks Creative Ideator eCamp. Here kids will get the energy, support, and strength of a team to develop their creative abilities and at the end of the camp, you will be amazed to see how creative your child can be!

Highlights of the camp

  • Blending your knowledge with leadership skills to benefit your school/ community

  • Planning and designing the creative products/services

  • Learning creative techniques from experts and working in teams.

  • Having fun and making new and lasting friendships.


  • Target Group: Students from grades 5-9 (ages 10-15)

  • Duration: 3 Weeks = 18-days (6 Days for each module) (1-hour live online class + Discussion and Brainstorming Groups)

  • Mode of Instruction and Tools: Zoom Video Calls, Interaction on Discord Server, Telegram group support, Self-paced content, and home-based activities, Learning Management System

  • Language of Instruction: English (Local Language Support - if needed)

  • Requirements: Each child needs to have access to a laptop or desktop computer with Zoom and Discord installed a mobile with Telegram and a stable internet connection.

  • Timings for Live Classes: (If you wish to have any other timings for live classes, please contact us)

    • Batch 1 : (East Time Zones) : 13:00 India time / 10:30 Finland Time / 16:30 Japan Time

    • Batch 2 : (West Time Zones) : 08:00 California USA Time / 11:00 NY USA Time /18:00 Finland Time.

  • Certifications: Certificate of participation and presentation from CCE Finland

More information and register at :

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