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Now even Parents get to enjoy Circle Time and Rolly-Pollys too…

Gone are days where parents would drop their little ones to kindergartens and wonder what they would be doing today…For parents of preschoolers the ‘New Normal’ is a blessing in disguise to enjoy and witness kindergarten experience with their child and what better platform than world famous Finnish education system – CCE Finland’s ESISU Program…

Setting up a new school-day routines can be hard for both parents and children. What parents need to know is that child’s interaction of online school is very important to their social emotional development. For E.G. the importance of circle time is comparable to that of breakfast. Breakfast has always been underestimated; however, all doctors and nutritionists agree that it is the most important meal of the day!

Circle time in ESISU session will start with a good morning song and attendance. It is also a great way for the little-ones to memorize each other’s names and get to know each other, sort of informal introduction about each and everyone in the class. Additionally, children do the calendar which needs more skills than the obvious. Children learn the concepts of before and after; yesterday, today, tomorrow; sequencing the days of the week; differentiating among weekdays and weekends with corresponding activities and routines; and comparing nature changes in different seasons. Children also discuss their observation of the weather on that particular day and activities they like to do when it’s sunny or rainy etc. Schedule of the day is another pit stop in morning circle time. It helps them enjoy the activities more when they feel secure about the session. What’s more our ESISU circle time promises some Rolly Polly time and sing along peppy songs for children and parents to enjoy and bond. Our last month’s ‘Experience ESISU Program‘ sessions witnessed parents joining in the experience, energy and sing along songs with their little ones.

ESISU’s unique blend of activities offers children a place in which to develop social and emotional literacy; learning to provide supportive listening. Activities might vary from one session to another, but the essentials are always the same. During ‘Good thought of the day’ segment – children also learn simple etiquette. eSISU PRESCHOOLS is a 100% online preschool based on Finnish Early Childhood Education Curriculum and parents experienced first hand the Finnish method of learning.

CCE has earlier developed the physical kindergartens at various locations. We have also trained ECE educators from across the globe through our Diploma in ECE. Now, CCE is ready to take a step forward with our partner Kindiedays to serve parents at single click for the high quality Finnish early childhood education system. To book your ‘Experience ESISU Session’ please call us at +919323852999 and Speak to Ms. Simran – ESISU Team.

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