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We at CCE believe that teacher empowerment should begin during the education of teacher students. It is the best phase where one can learn all the basics of creativity, its place in education, its effect on students.CCE has designed its programs which suits the need of teacher students.


Early entry benefit


Our training of creative education will add value to your degree of education. The training will give you a pedagogical base which will strengthen your theoretical knowledge.


Bunch of ideas


With the theoretical knowledge, we also provide creative ideas of classroom management, understanding student behaviour, preparing and using the teaching aids in effective way. Our training and workshops are based on case studies of our research team.


Experience at international level


There is a chance that you can come to Finland and even travel to other countries to experience the international school education. There is a possibility that you will be able to visit primary, secondary, junior college/gymnasium and even vocational schools according to your preference. You will also get a chance to hear international speakers in conferences and workshops organized by CCE.You can also present your research in these international conferences.




After successful completion of CCE training modules you will receive a certification from CCE, which will help your professional advancement.



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