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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your carefully thought out itinerary - the visit was very worthwhile and gave us many things to consider.  Visiting the schools and the conference was very interesting and educational for us, and we would like to thank everyone for their time in ensuring such a beneficial experience for us.

Best wishes



Miss Anwen Pughe Jones

Dirprwy Bennaeth/Deputy Headteacher

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen

Powys, UK


“Welcome to a country where students are stress-free with minimal exams and homework, teaching is a highly respected profession and kids start their school, not before age of 7. Finland’s teachers have kept the nation near the top of the influential Pisa performance rankings since they were first published in 2001.


Let's try to uncover the layers of secrecy with hands-on experiences, interactions and visit to the schools.”

Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland is organizing a dedicated training cum workshop program on Finnish Education Model for International educators who are interested to know the secrets of successful Finnish education system.


Who should attend?

The program is meant for school principals, management, administrators, educators, trainers & senior teachers who are looking for implementing changes for a better education.

Tour Dates


Apr 18 :

8th - 13th Apr 2018

Seats available: 12/20


May 18:

6th - 11th May 2018

Seats available: 6/20


Aug 18:

26th - 31st Aug 2018

Seats available: 12/20


Sept 18:

9th - 14th Sept 2018

Seats available: 20/20


23rd - 28th Sept 2018

Seats available: 20/20

Oct 18:

21st - 26th Oct 2018

Seats available: 20/20

Focus Areas


  • To understand Finnish education system and its working with practical examples and workshop by the Finnish and international teachers / Educators

  • Practical experience and class observations in Finnish Schools

  • Interactions with teachers, Principals, support staff

  • Hands on experience of various creative methods and activities as an actual Finnish classroom through workshops

  • Phenomenon based learning and Enquiry based Projects

  • How to use creatively ICT Tools in classroom as a teacher

  • Vocational Education and onsite visits in Finland

  • State-of-art Teachers Education


FET0916 -Tour Hightlights

Highlights of the tour:

  • Interaction with Internationally Acclaimed educators those who were in the foundation of making Finnish education model.

  • First-hand experience of the international education system and direct links with schools and pupils which would last a lifetime.

  • With emphasis on how they have developed the solutions to the problems faced and how those could be implemented in the local context- designing the action plan.

Online Payment

FET 0916 - Online payment

Kindly Note:


Before making the payment, kindly fill the registration form. Filling up a registration form is the first mandatory step to reserve your seat for the tour.


Early bird price ends 3 months prior to Tour Start Date. Example: For tour starting on 10th December 17, early bird closed on 10th Sept. 17. So, choose an appropriate payment option.

Kindly use payment option below where you can securely make payment with Credit Card or through PayPal.

FET 0916 - Tour program

Tour Program



Early bird starting from 1850 € **

Open till 3 months prior to tour date




Registration after EBD: 2050 €


For groups, kindly contact us at


Inclusion in fees :


  • Workshops and school visit coordination fees

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Coffee

  • Accommodation (twin sharing) during the program

  • ​Single Supplement - 410 € extra

  • Transport for visiting the local schools

  • Faculty fee, course materials, stationary.

  • Visa Assistance (Invitation letter and other documents)

  • Online LMS access of CCE's Google Classroom


Details For Online Bank Transfer  (International)


Account Name :



Account Number : 

FI 41 1146 3001 1433 92




Bank : Nordea  


Currency :  EURO


Beneficiary Address: Maijalankatu 9 E 18, 33720, Tampere, FINLAND


Beneficiary Bank address: Insinoorinkatu 23, 33720, Tampere, FINLAND 


To know more call at :

+358504839418 (Finland) +919890436368 (India)


Finland and CCE do not claim to show best teachers, best schools or best teaching methods in this program, as in Finland, there is no selective approach. The education is learner centered. The teachers do their best to make the learning better. You will get to see what is actually happening in the classroom. We can not guarantee a school visit to a particular school as it is the school's decision if they want to take any visitors on a particular day.

Detail schedule with time and options for school visits will be declared two weeks prior to the tour and will be sent to the confirmed registered participants.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:  


  • Up to 90 days: 80% of cost will be refunded

  • Up to 30 days: 50% of cost will be refunded

  • Less than 30 days: no refund

FET 0916 - Faculty profile

Faculty Profile

Ritta Juusenaho

Dr. Riitta Juusenaho is an expert of Finnish education system. She has 27 years of experience as a teacher and a principal in comprehensive education and she has made her doctoral dissertation in 2004 about leadership and management styles of Finnish comprehensive school principals from the perspective of gender.  

Dr. Juusenaho has also worked as a Research and Evaluation Manager in the City of Tampere and her main task then was to develop evaluation systems of public services in the City of Tampere. After this, she worked four years as a Project Director in TOP School -project. Her responsibility then was to develop and to coordinate widely learning environments at every educational level so that schools in the City of Tampere can respond to the need of 21st-century skills and to offer the best possible learning experiences for all children and youth.


Riitta Juusenaho has worked also as a Director of Education and Culture in a municipality called Ruovesi. At the moment she works as a Project Director in Tampere Adult Education Center. Her task here is to develop Educational School Camps for international students all over the world.

Kari Louhivuori

Veteran teacher and ex-Principal of Kirkkojarvi School, Espoo who have been instrumental in developing Finnish learning experiences since the 1970s. 

Marja Suurla

International trainer and researcher for Education and learning through paintings. She has been visiting different countries to make teachers aware of the teaching through drawing and painting, mainly the form painting. Follows Waldorf pedagogy and teacher from Steiner School, Tampere. She is an expert teacher of arts and paintings for 30+ years and has participated in many international exhibitions with her students.

Shirin Kulkarni

Researcher in the field of Creative Thinking and education for more than 12 years. Research Areas:

Creativity and School Environment

Comparative study between India and Finland

CII (Creativity-identity Interaction) model

Narrative teaching techniques

Experienced trainer and psychologist

Research Director, CCE Finland

Sanna Leinonen

Experienced teacher, trainer, lecturer and textbook writer (20+ years). Enthusiastic about professional development, teaching, and learning. She has a long career as an EFL and entrepreneurship teacher and institutional coach. She has worked on the National Core Curriculum with The Finnish National Agency for Education on multiple occasions. Her key competencies are EFL, Team learning, phenomenon based learning and entrepreneurship at school.

Miia Bergman

Miia Bergman has been a teacher of mathematics, chemistry, and ICT at Tampere Rudolf Steiner School since 2002. She has graduated as Master of Science in Engineering at the Tampere University of Technology. In addition to being the teacher for the past three years, she has been the headmaster of the school's secondary level. She has also worked as a member of the national board of the Waldorf education in Finland since 2016. Her work has included developing the school's organizational as well as pedagogical issues following the trends of the modern times. So nowadays she is specialized not only in teaching mathematics but also, in general, the operation of the second level in Finland.

Elena Chukhlantseva

Elena is an education expert with a broad background in International and Comparative Education, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, and Education Research. Her particular strengths are hands-on pre-primary education management and teaching experiences in multicultural and multilingual settings. Among the key interests are learning theories and practices, Early Childhood Education curriculum development and implementation, strategies for working with children with behavioral and learning difficulties.

Antti Leikkanen

Antti has done MA and is a Finnish Teacher, Principal at Steiner School, Tampere (Upper secondary school). Antti has a vast experience in connecting subjects & developing phenomena- and theme-based learning in upper secondary education.

Ida Piltonen

Ida Piltonen is studying MDP in Teacher Education at the University of Tampere to become a classroom teacher. She has finished her Bachelor's degree and her thesis focused on analyzing the concept of equality in Finnish education. In her MDP studies, she will specialize in governance and education politics. She is also a member of the committee in the service area of Vitality and Competitiveness in the city of Tampere that focuses on entrepreneurship and upper secondary education. 

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FET 0916 : Registration

Registration form


Before making the payment, kindly fill the registration form.Filling up a registration form is the first mandatory step to reserve your seat for the tour.


FET 0916 : FAQs


1. What is the difference between education tour and symposium arranged by CCE?

The Finland education tour focuses on the Finnish education model and specially designed to make the participants aware of as many aspects of Finnish education system as possible. The symposium is generally for 4 or 5 days, out of which first two days are dedicated to the Finnish education model and last two days are reserved for the international paper presentations on creativity in education. So there is more scope for discussion on creative education. One can listen to various studies going on in different parts of the world about creativity.


2. Where do we start from?

All participants are required to CHECK IN on Sunday evening at Tampere hotel.The travel from Helsinki to Tampere on Sunday is not covered in the tour fee.


3. Where will we be staying in Finland?

The participants shall be accommodated in popular hotels in Helsinki and Tampere. Hotels in the range of 100 to 120 Euro per night  (breakfast included), are being considered. All hotels are 4 Stars category.


4.What is the duration of this delegation?

The delegation shall consist of 7 days and 6 nights at Finland From 24 September onwards it will be 6 days & 5 nights). Of these, 5 days shall be for official visits to schools and other institutions and workshops. Participants will be free to explore Helsinki, Tampere and other places of interest nearby during free time.


5.Does the fee include payment for meals too?

Breakfasts are included in the hotel charges.  Lunches and snacks will be served on all 5 days of official visits. Dinners are not provided so that the participants can explore the local cuisine.



7.What about visa processing?

CCE will send the necessary documents to the participants like invitation letters but the participants need to arrange their own visa.


8.What if I confirm and drop out? Will I be given a refund of the fee?

   Refunds are subject to the cancellation policies of the travel agency and the hotel partners. The refund policy is as follows:   a. Less than 30 days prior to the trip - No refund under any circumstances (e.g. rejection of visa)   b. Less than 90 days but more than 30 days - 50% of the cost will be refunded 

. More than 90 days to trip - 80% of the cost will be refunded


9.What are some of the key dates?

Last date for sending the registration form and paying full delegation fee - 1 month before tour starts
Last date for sending all the documents for Visa and Ticketing - 1 month before tour starts

* Schengen Visa takes at least 30 working days. Hence, in case of delay in submitting the Visa documents, we will not be able to assure a confirmed visa.

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