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At CCE , we understand the concern of parents about the education and holistic development of their children. Parents are important part of the education system. they can support it very well with their skills and expertise. CCE has designed some courses for parents involvement in creating an environment at school that will enhance the creative thinking of the children. They can also use these techniques at home to create a friendly, open yet disciplined environment.


Get involved


CCE’s courses for parents cooperation bridge the gap between schools and parents. It emphasise the involvement of parents in the school in all the school activities such as teaching, group discussion with teen agers, field visits, annual day functions.


Understand your child


We aim at increasing the understanding between the child and the parents. It is important to have a safe, secure and loving environment at home so that the child can express himself/herself without any inhibition. Our expertise in Child Psychology leads you to better understanding of the emotional and physical up and downs.


Creativity for communication


We believe that creativity helps to communicate. If your child is not very verbal then you can understand his/her emotions through his/her creations like drawings, paintings,poetry. We equip you with such activities which you can all do together and communicate with each other in  meaningful way.




By becoming a member of CCE, you can also discuss your experiences with other fellow parents at international level. You can also get advice from our Psychologists and educationists regarding different problems through our regular newsletters.



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