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Engaging Minds in creative ways!

7-11 November 2016



Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland cordially invites you to participate and celebrate the creativity in Education.These are series of an internationally refereed symposium and seminars dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in education. We have a group of world renowned educators and experts in the field of education who will be presenting their ideas about Creativity of Education and education system, in general. The teachers, principals, educators, trainers, students from teacher education are encouraged to send their papers/ ideas for this symposium. We would like to create a forum for exchange of information pertaining to the latest outstanding developments in the field of creativity and learning. For the exchange of ideas, we invite you to see the Finnish schools, meet Finnish teachers and experts on creative education in our 4 day program. The conference will be conducted as a part of this program .

CCE is announcing the 4th International Symposium and Conference on creaative education from 7- 11th November 2016. The main theme for this year is 'Engaging minds in creative ways'. There are many angles related to the engagement of minds. What does it mean by engagement? Why it is important to engage minds? How the minds can be engaged? For which age group we are talking about? How the education can be engaging? 


Who can attend?

Researchers and Teachers (per-primary, primary, secondary and higher section), principals, educators, trainers, students from teacher education are welcome to present their ideas of creativity which can be used in teaching school  subjects. Any education enthusiast can participate in this symposium. We are also encouraging government representatives who can present government educational policies and their research. If you want to understand the secret of  success of Finnish education system, this is the right platform for you! Paper or Poster Presentation is not mandatory for attending the Symposium.

Symposium 2016 Team

Meet the team behind Symposium 2016 - Please feel free to contact us!

Shirin Kulkarni

Research & Planning

Satu Bethell


Maarit Elomaa

Coordination & Communication

Heramb Kulkarni

EduTech & Firefighting

Maria Ruokonen


Tatiana Anagnostaki

Creative Designer

Vesa-Matti Ruottinen

Dynamics & Firefighting

Annukka Repo 

Creative Designer

David Vasquez

School coordination

Marcus Grunewald

School coordination

Volha Furs


Laura Häkkinen

Classroom Management

Sandhya Naidu

School Networks & Creatives 

Themes for papers
Themes for Papers
  • Engaging environments

  • Creative schools- an experiment- case studies

  • Creative pedagogy

  • Teaching for engagement

  • Engagging children in creative ways

  • Using media for creative engagements

  • Effects of positive engagement

  • Creative engagements for youth

  • Policy making for creative and quality education at city, state and national level

Collaboration and Partners
Call for papers
Call For Papers

The participants are requested to send their abstract ( 300 words ) on any of the above theme or a topic related to creativity. The covering page should include partcipant's name, title, e-mail ID, phone number and name of the institute (if applicable). The abstract should reach us on or before  31st July 2016 on our email . The abstract should be sent in pdf form. The author of the accepted paper will be notified by 7th August 2016.


For further details, keep visiting our web pages!


Poster Presentations


Guidelines for Poster presentation:Format: 300-word Abstract, Introduction, Method & Materials, Results, Tables & Figures, and Conclusions. Full Poster Size: 3’ x 4’ Border: 1/2 inch Poster Text size: Title - 80 pt., Sub-title – 72 pt. with author name(s), designation(s) department(s), Body text – 22-25 pt. Any clearly readable font can be used.

Dates & Deadlines

Date and deadlines

Paper or Poster Presentation is not mandatory for attending the Symposium.

Registration fees

Symposium Fees

CCE will publish symposium and Confernce proceedings along with all selected Papers.

** As per the requests received by many interested participants, the deadline for abstract submission is extended to 9th August 2016. Note this is the last time we are extending the deadline, please submit your abstracts.**

For Student concession it is mandatory to submit photocopy of Student id card and letter from supervisor Or Head of the department..

Deserving students from developing countries may apply for sponsorship/(partial) waiver for registration fees. There is a possibility to get one.

Kindly send your CV and letter of purpose to

For Online Bank Transfer details

Account Name       :    CCE FINLAND OY

Account Number   :    FI 41 1146 3001 1433 92

BIC / SWIFT         :    NDEAFIHH

Bank                      :    Nordea                   

Currency                :    EURO

Inclusions in the Fees :

  • Admission to the Welcome Reception & side events (Paper and poster presentations)

  • A printed copy of the Conference Programme

  • Admission to all sessions - including the plenary & featured speaker sessions and sessions in parallel conferences

  • Daily Lunch and twice refreshments and light snacks

  • Inclusion of your paper in the online proceedings with ISBN number and emailed to you

  • School Visits on 8th and 9th Nov and Workshop Fees

  • Local Transportation for School Visits (except Optional visits)


Refund Policy :(minus applicable bank charges)


Cancellations before September 16, 2016 - 100% refund

Cancellations between September 17 and  Oct 7, 2016 - 75% refund

Cancellations after October 7, 2016 - No refund (In Anycase)


Key Note Speakers


Dr. Arto O Salonen

Dr. Arto O Salonen is an adjunct professor at the University of Helsinki. His research is in social change in order to have flourishing life now and in the future. The Finnish National Board of Education adopted the concept of the Ecosocial Approach to Education (ekososiaalinen sivistys) launched by Salonen, to be the key concept of human values and growth in basic education and upper secondary education in Finland.

We welcome Dr. Arto O Salonen, as a key note speaker of the symposium. He will speak on education and sustainability on 9th November.

Godi Keller

Godi Keller is a well known speaker, educator, writer and lecturer. He is based in Norway and is a part of team at PåDrag AS. He travels extensively around the globe to talk about Steiner pedagogy, where creativity is the main focus. He has been talking to teachers and parents since last 30 years. His speeaches are interesting and thought provoking. 

We welcome Godi Keller as a key note speaker for the conference. He will speak about engaging minds in creative ways on 10th November.



Tampere University of Technology

Korkeakoulunkatu 10,
FI-33720 Tampere



All prices are in Euro

Room rates include breakfast & all taxes

There are HI hostels in Tampere with lower rates and can be booked directly.

To avail these rates, kindly contact our travel partner Intiamatkat at

Registration process

Registration Process

Invitation letter and visa letter for symposium and Confernce will be send to all participants who registered and paid their respective fees. As it is one of the mandatory process for Finnish Embassy and  universities or departments of students.

Registration form

Registration form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Please Refer to This List of Frequently Asked Questions before raising any query !

These Frequently asked questions and answers should address your most of the queries in relation to the Symposium.In case you need further clarifications or your queries are not addressed in this FAQ, kindly contact us at .




What is difference between Conference and Symposium?

Symposium: A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject. A collection of essays or papers on a particular subject by a number of contributors.Symposium is a bit casual in nature, and there is not much pressure on the delegates to perform or present lectures in the best possible manner as is the case in other academic events. There are lunch breaks, tea, snacks etc for breaking the ice and networking.


Conference: A formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days.For Ex: an international conference on the environment.


Is it an international Symposium?

Yes, it is an international Symposium.And, it is fourth in a series of international symposium dedicated to the advancement in theory and practises in education, being organised by CCE Oy, Finland.


Who should attend?

Teachers, principals, educators, trainers, students from pre-primary, primary, secondary section are welcome to present their ideas of creativity which can be used in teaching School subjects.  Any education enthusiast can participate in this symposium. If you want to understand the secret of success of Finnish education system, this is the only platform for you!


Why to attend?

Children love to be creative and when stress free, they perform their best.By fostering, encouraging and being conducive towards this most important need of a child, we can remarkably improve the over all quality of education towards children.This Symposium is one of the series of international symposiums being organized by CCE Oy, focussing on “Education Through Creativity”. Paper presentation is not mandatory for attending Symposium.



What benefit do I have as a teacher by attending this Symposium?

To develop and to judge the effectiveness of your teaching methods through  the creativity.


  • As a Trainer and  Teacher,  you will get insights into : Guidelines to reinvent outdated teaching models to enhance personalized learning for developing creative students it will ensure that your teaching remains refreshed, relevant and based on the advanced researched teaching techniques and methodologies. Secure faculty buy- in with effective professional development tactics.It will help for smooth transitioning to post-secondary education.


  • As a Principal and Management, you will get insight into : How to improve your school student performance through innovation and creativity methods. Knowledge acquiring for tested and innovative teaching strategies from the teachers and experts who use them everyday. Understanding technology skills set to increase classroom engagement through emerging technologies. Also get an idea for new  strategies to measure student and teacher’s performance.


  • As a Presenter and Exhibitor, you will : Gather and exchange ideas through paper presentation and exhibiting your innovation and new technologies with Finland and India based pioneers in Education.


  • An Education Enthusiast, you will : Discover the best practices on integrating social media and games in teaching. Creative education is always a lifelong learning and contribute towards building a better society of the future.


Can I receive academic credit by attending the conference?

CCE Finland Oy will provide the certificate for the participation and paper presentation after successful participation in the Symposium. If one would like to receive the academic credits, kindly consult your university. CCE Finland Oy has no role to play in giving credits.


What is the required type of Visa for the Symposium ?

For Finland Symposium Schengen Visa is required.

You need to apply to Finland Embassy  or  any Schengen country consulate or embassy in your country of residence. 


What are the cancellation possibilities and refund policies?

If the Participant cancelled his registration in any case,


Refund Policy :(minus applicable bank charges)

Cancellations before September 16, 2016 - 100% refund

Cancellations between September 17 and  Oct 7, 2016 - 75% refund

Cancellations after October 7, 2016 - No refund (In Anycase)


Venue and arrival in Tampere


Where is the Symposium ?

It will be in the Tampere University of Technology.

Address - Korkeakoulunkatu 10, FI-33720, Tampere, Finland



How to arrive in Tampere?


By Bus: Timetables and tickets for bus from Helsinki to Tampere and vise versa can be found at

and also at


By Train: Connections by train between Tampere and Helsinki are good. There are also connections to Tampere from other Finnish cities.

You can see the timetable and buy the tickets online from the train website that is


By Flight: Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is about 15 kilometres south-east of the city. You can take a bus or taxi from Pirkkala airport to Tampere.

The taxi can be called at +358 100 4131.


How to reach Tampere University of Technology?


The bus tranportation in Tampere is very good. The conference venue is accessible by bus. Transport in the city area is by the blue buses.

The bus time table can be found at

You can use the journey planner to find the exact bus connection that suits your location.


Bus no. - 3,3V,6 and 20 from Cerntral railway station Tampere. You have to tell that you need to get down at TUT (Tampere University of Technology)

From City Center bus no. - 3, 3V, 20, 6


Those planning to use their own cars should note that parking facilities on the main campus are limited and that parking requires a permit. 

Please refer to the map of TUT here 



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