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From Self Care to Creativity....

As an Educationist and as a coach... I often think how do I help today's modern facilitators to bring out their creativity amidst chaos and stress of their daily lives.

Every motivational or activation program designing takes a deep introspection on the organisation framework, culture of the place, personality of their people, communication barriers, stress level, happiness level so on so forth.

I have always believed "Only happy educators can have domino effect on students" and hence its very important that our educators are equipped with tools of selfcare, self love and personal creativity goals.

CCE Finland believes in redefining education with creativity and for our educators to be creative its important they are happy. Our think team came up with this unique activation program for teachers "Self care to Creativity"

A full day onsite programs talks to teachers, coordinators and school leaders about their own self-care and motivational level, tools and techniques to bring back the focus on "I" and journey to creativity in their teaching.

Highlight of the day was activating the self care goals and creativity goals in their academics via real time hands on activities.

"I" activity was the highlight of the this program ....bringing in self reflection, qualities and improvement areas. Working along with the team on this activity brought about chance to communicate openly, bonding and understanding each other's challenges.

From this point of self care and self reflection and understanding the "I" concept better of self and team mates...its easier journey of setting up creative goals in personal and professional life.

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