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CCE Finland's Residential Program: Unveiling the Magic of Creative Education - April 2024

Have you ever wondered what makes Finnish education so successful? The CCE Finland Residential Program is offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of Finnish educational practices and discover the power of creative learning! This blog follows the journey of program participants as they embark on a week-long exploration of innovative approaches to education.

Day 1: Embracing Finnish Innovation

The program kicked off on a high note on April 15th. Participants were welcomed into the world of Finnish education with an engaging visit to Etu-Töölö Upper Secondary School. Following this, they explored the fascinating and innovative services offered at Oodi Library. The day culminated in a deep dive into the Finnish learning culture at Saunalahti School, leaving participants eager to learn more about this unique approach.

Day 2: Unveiling Creativity in Nature

Day 2 showcased the unique Finnish concept of learning outdoors. Participants embarked on a captivating exploration of Suomenlinna fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This exploration sparked active discussions about the power of outdoor learning environments and their impact on student creativity and engagement. The day concluded with a reflective session, allowing participants to consolidate their insights and discoveries from the day's activities.

Day 3: Unveiling New Educational Horizons

Today, April 17th, promises another exciting chapter in the program! Participants will be unveiled to themagic of Forest Pedagogy at Uikunkoto Forest Daycare. This is sure to be a truly magical experience that will change the way you view outdoor learning. The journey continues with a workshop on Co-teaching at Oodi Library, delving deeper into collaborative learning strategies and how they can foster creativity and well-being in the classroom.

If you wish to be part of such residential programs - Our Education tour offers a glimpse into the innovative approaches that are transforming Finnish education.

Stay tuned for captivating updates!

We will continue to follow the program and share captivating updates as participants explore new dimensions of creativity and education throughout the week. Be sure to follow our webpage and the hashtags #CCEFinland   #WCID    #WCIW #WCID24

 to see photos and videos that capture the essence of this inspiring program.

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