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Don’t Stop at a No….

This blog post is as simple as an inspiring story can get….a story about manifestation and not giving up!

In my endeavor to keep up with latest best practices in Education world, I started to research and apply for conference participations. I discovered that, it was one of the best ways to meet pioneers in this arena and learn about new innovations of Pedagogical world. I always apply by sending my LinkedIn profile and submission of a paper or an article relating to the theme of conference.

ED Tech was my first conference where I had a chance to speak on topic of Pedagogical shifts in the digital age – Best practices & challenges. EPG Group was second conference where I spoke about What is the Future of Teaching as a Profession. Somehow by this point, I had gained enough confidence to deliver a short talk easily in front of large audience. This motivated me to submit my papers on international website for global conferences 2020.

But challenging part in this journey was yet to begin… I got to know about a conference being held at a very premier institute on International Best Practices of Teaching. My mind immediately manifested to not only to attend this conference but somehow present a talk as well – only to realize both were arduous goals to achieve.

My first application in December 2019 did not yield any response. After 3 weeks of waiting – I approached a very senior member of the institute to consider my application. I sent more information on my career graph, my experience working with US Government and highlighted my recent speaking achievements. With passing weeks, my follow-up calls became more regular to know the results. While there was no decision from the program committee as yet – heads of departments would now patiently attend to my calls and answer my queries.

After few more weeks – I was finally invited to attend the conference – but not participate. During this time, my application to present a talk was accepted by IRC UK for Summer 2020. Now one would think – isn’t this exciting enough? Well, not really – when you are fixated to present at one of the most premier institutes of India and the thought has been gripping you for months! I sent them the same letter with my revised paper and requested some consideration based on acceptance by IRC UK.

Finally, my request was accepted and I was selected to present a poster on my topic. Good enough, right? Not yet – I requested to present a talk, which was not given a green signal. Despite all this – My manifestation to present a talk during this conference continued. Meanwhile, I started to work hard and sought guidance from their senior faculty to create my first ever poster for the conference.

On the first day of conference in this premier university – I realized all the hard work to get there was worth it! It also dawned on me why the criteria to attend this conference as a participant was kept so challenging. Not only was my poster – Impact of Early Etiquette Learning and Public Speaking appreciated, but I was also selected for the Sparkler Talk as well, a privilege in itself.

These three days were not just attending a conference for me but, also an export to classroom training in Best teaching and learning practices by some of the most distinguished professors, PHDs, scientist and senior faculty members.

At the end of my talk, a senior professor asked me to work on designing this program for young adults who have missed out on such opportunities of education in their early childhood – while another research scientist suggested, I look up some recent studies by University of Stanford. Well – what more could I ask for…

Walking the talk….

My Learning – Manifesting goes a long way – no matter what the hurdles and disappointments. Don’t give up – even if you see a No looming in front of you. Find different ways to achieve the goal you have in mind. Work harder than you have imagined- nights/weekends whatever it takes to make it happen.

Your goals should be your obsession and reason to live and you will witness how universe conspires to fulfill it.

If given a chance – Please attend such workshops/conferences – especially those hosted by universities or premier institutes Research and upgrade every single day/week/month. Set 3 goals and start working towards it. Keep the goals simple and achievable. For me, I aspire to get formally trained in public speaking, prepare for international talk assignments and research courses that I can do in near future.

If you need information on any of my 3 papers or have an inspiring story to share – please write to me on

Keep Manifesting infinitely….

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