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India's 75th Independence Day - PhBL experience @eSISU Global Preschool

CCE Finland’s eSISU Global Preschool passionately strives hard to make some events into a creative experience. India’s Independence Day 2021 was one such opportunity to create a phenomenon based learning experience for our little ones.

eSISU Global Preschool children got this real time experience not just in one day but over the period of 3 weeks.Well, we all know that the world of early childhood education requires patience, repetition and reinforcement and we strive to do this learning process right! But, the starting point of this learning should not be the information where little ones are getting overwhelmed. Instead the new approach of phenomenon based learning develops curiosity learning and knowledge creation. And if this phenomenon based learning is connected to the local culture and events then it creates a 360 degree meaningful learning experience - Independence Day of our country was a perfect opportunity:

  • Music & Movement: It's so well said 'Dance First and Think Later...It's natural order" and we did just that... The session began with some foot tapping music and it was awesome to witness all the children dancing to Independence themed song! Gradually, this dance was transformed to circle time songs, discussion on weather and moved to weekdays and dates.

  • History: Learning about the history of India and its independence via stories & rhymes

  • Geography: Understanding child’s own surroundings, their neighbourhood is such an important part of their kindergarten curriculum and this was one such way of revisiting theme of My Neighbourhood via theme Myself

  • Art: Who said art is only coloring and painting...preschoolers enjoyed cooking activity by making tricolour sandwiches which are colours of Indian national flag

  • Socio Emotional Development: From learning gratitude for family members who help us everyday in everyway - to building Self Confidence by learning to be independent

  • Experiential Learning: What is the talk if we can’t walk it - children did hands on activity of cleaning up on their own, eating snacks with teacher and special activity of wearing their own jacket to start with doing things independently

From birth, kids are on a quest for self independence. We see this as little ones try to spoon-feed themselves or insist on taking off their own diapers or dress themselves. We at CCE Finland believe creating such opportunities/learning experiences to develop independence is immensely important for building a sense of self and self-esteem. Such integrated theme learning is very important for fostering creativity, problem-solving and autonomy.

Sometimes letting children carry out tasks often will mean that the task will take twice as long — and be three times as messy. Hence, most preschool children still need some engagement from parents and we thank each one of them for being our partners in such beautiful phenomenon based learning at eSISU Global Preschool. To know more about such PhBL at early years blog visit

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