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One More Success Story : National Conference, Pune - June 2017.

1st National conference on creative education was organised by Council for Creative Education Finland in collaboration with Sir Parshurambhau College.It was really a feast for educators, teachers, and parents. Nearly 110+ participants from all over India were present to exchange the innovative ideas.

Team working of the conference participants

Dr.Sanjeev Sonawane, Ex Dean of Pune University, Dr Dilip Seth, Principal S.P.College, Mr.Alok Sharma, Asst. Director of SCERT, Dr Anil Dusane, Vice Principal of S.P.College, Godi Keller, famous Pedagogue and Storyteller were present for the conference.

It was really brainstorming session. Creativity is not topping or sugar but it is the essence. Mr.Heramb Kulkarni, CEO Of CCE Finland discussed the importance of creativity. I explore the information about the schools of Finland and education system by Dr.Rajesh Patil and Dr.Joshi who visited Finland with a group of educators.

Nearly 16 papers were presented on different topics such as Teaching Lexis through caricatures, Community service learning as a tool to enhance life skills, Creative pedagogy, Display

to role play, Inclusion of ‘Divyang Students’ at the regular school. These papers presentation throughout the India gave different ideas about the creativity in education.

Chhattisgarh in collaborating with CCE Finland really applying a number of ideas for the development of education system Mr Alok Sharma was talking from the bottom of heart about the efforts done by the teachers of Chhattisgarh. Keynote speaker Mr Aniruddha Deshpande and Mr.Goddi Keller won the audiences.

Dr Aniruddha Deshpande, Thinker, Philosopher with reference to many well-known philosophers; discussed the creativity he also gave many examples. He said creativity is making a man innovative, It is for satisfying body and developing the mind.

Godi Keller, with his enchanting style of story telling, put a message that passion is very important and stories are to build the bridge.

As I am the part and parcel of this conference, I am very happy that CCE is thinking about creativity in education and innovations and collaborative learning techniques in education. A platform for teachers, educators is given by CCE to explore the new ideas share the experience and bring the change in the field of education. The whole team of CCE is doing it passionately.

Dr Anuradha Joshi

From start to end the program was well structured, warm hosting by senior lady really won the hearts. I was overwhelmed to see the participation from all over the country without any official force. This really brings the change.

Deepika Dilip Gawade

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