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What we discuss in webinar _ Little ‘C’

Creativity is finding happiness without gadget and having theoretical value. Creativity is differentiated into little ‘C’ & big ‘C’ which depends upon the degree of expression.

Little C is creativity in our daily routine with little difference like arranging the books, clothes, garnishing process while cooking, etc. Little "C" helps us in problem-solving, especially once we encounter daily. The brain has the capacity to learn new things at any age. We can learn to be creative at any stage right from the beginning of school, home, etc.

Certain ways to boost up the creativity among students

  1. Creative has to do more with thinking. Deep thinking comes through silent observation, reflecting on observation. More deep thinking more creativity.

  2. Use fingertips more & more (Stitching, weaving, etc.) - which improve creativity

  3. Active brain-body breaks, dance, movements, singing, playing with mud, color, etc. create juices in brain

  4. Experiential learning i.e. doing things with hands

  5. Learning by doing

  6. Experiencing things through our senses

  7. Interaction boost creativity & imagination

  8. Physical & psychological learning environment

  9. Appreciation vs discussion

  10. Do not judge children on their creativity.

Let the child express themselves completely. Elaborate the conversation and don’t be blunt. Discuss with kids why & what they created. We should not interrupt them. If we want to suggest it then suggest afterward. Grades & marks are not important.

Relaxation brings happiness & leads to creativity. Given creativity is original to creators so it is unfair for kids to be graded on creativity in schools. As it's their way of connecting dots. The learning environment affects creativity. Open environment impacts positively while a closed environment might impact negatively.

If you are interested to know more about how creativity has been used in the Finnish Education system, contact us at

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