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The main objective of Finnish education policy is to offer all citizens equal opportunities to receive an education. The structure of the education system reflects these principles. The system is highly permeable, that is, there are no dead-ends preventing progression to higher levels of education.

The focus in education is on learning rather than testing. There are no national tests for pupils in basic education in Finland. Instead, teachers are responsible for assessment in their respective subjects on the basis of the objectives included in the curriculum.

The only national examination, the matriculation examination, is held at the end of general upper secondary education. Commonly admission to higher education is based on the results in the matriculation examination and entrance tests.

Governance has been based on the principle of decentralisation since the early 1990s. Education providers are responsible for practical teaching arrangements as well as the effectiveness and quality of the education provided. Local authorities also determine how much autonomy is passed on to schools. For example budget management, acquisitions and recruitment are often the responsibility of the schools.

Polytechnics and universities enjoy extensive autonomy. The operations of both polytechnics and universities are built on the freedom of education and research. They organise their own administration, decide on student admission and design the contents of degree programmes.

Most education and training is publically funded. There are no tuition fees at any level of education. In basic education also school materials, school meals and commuting are provided free of charge. In upper secondary education, students pay for their books and transport. In addition, there is a well-developed system of study grants and loans. Financial aid can be awarded for full-time study in upper secondary education and in higher education.

Current Openings

The COVID-19 lockdown has impacted preschools globally. There is one prediction that the preschools in metros and  Tier 1 cities may not be operational till March 2021.

To respond to this unprecedented situation, CCE Finland with partner organizations has come up with an interactive and technological solution for preschoolers and parents.

CCE Finland is looking for Preschool / ECE teachers for online eSISU preschools.

This is a new project in an early stage and will be expanded for preschools globally.


Position: Preschool Teachers for eSISU Preschool
No of Positions: 2
Job Type: Full Time - Online

Courses to be completed :

Course Code: OECE - Online ECE in New Normal
Salary: Please send your expectations with the application

Job Description:

As an online preschool teacher, you will be 
1. Designing lesson plans
2. Conducting live sessions
3. Arranging the Pedagogical discussions & Development Plans with the parents
4. Asynchronous and Synchronous teaching/learning activity planning for the preschoolers
5. Providing the Pedagogical Documentation with assessment and feedback
6. Participating in webinars and discussions

Must have:

1. Solution mindset: New Normal needs innovative ways and new solutions to deal with the situation.
2. Finnish preschool/kindergarten teacher qualification and experience
3. International experience of multicultural interactions
4. Exploring & effectively handling Online tools and EdTech Solutions
5. Excellent communication Skills
6. English proficiency
7. Knowledge of any of the top 5 globally spoken languages would be plus

You would get:

1. International experience and multicultural expertise 
2. Long term growth opportunities with our expanding projects
3. To be the part of a growing organization
4. A job satisfaction, as you would be helping the parents and students from different countries who are overwhelmed with lockdown

Kindly send your CV and application to or / +358504839418

About the Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland

Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland is a global organization originating from Tampere, Finland with the motto of redefining education through creativity. We provide tailor-made teacher training and school development programs from pre-primary to higher education. Our programs are based on research and expertise from Finnish universities and academia. We provide insights into the Finnish education system through educational tours and student camps by which the participants understand how creativity is blended well within the Finnish classroom and curriculum.
Along with Finland, we operate in MEA, Nigeria, America,  Australia, and Asia with our collaborators and network. Team CCE Finland has already served customers and educators from more than 35 countries.
CCE Finland is an official member of "Education Finland" governed by the Finnish National Agency for Education under the Ministry of Education, Govt of Finland

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