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International Symposium on ‘Developing Schools Creatively’

In collaboration with potter’s wheel and NSDC, an International Symposium by the Council for Creative Education was held on 19th and 20th July in Hyderabad. This conference mainly focused on finding out different ways to develop schools in a creative manner.

All Educators in one frame

Structure of the Symposium :-

The Researchers from Educational Field, Teachers, Principals, Educators, Trainers, Home-schooling Parents in large numbers were the part of this symposium. People belonging to different states of India took part in it. Renowned Educators and Experts of International level exchanged their ideas on Creative ways of School Development. The structure of this two-day conference too, was creative and innovative in its own way. Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation, Panel Discussions, Workshops, Creative Classrooms; where one was actually asked to conduct the class were some of the methods practiced to enshrine the theme of this conference.

Creative Ways :-

Teaching in Creative Ways

Papers were presented on the topics like various ways of engaging students in classrooms, teaching by conducting some games and activities etc. Theme-based Posters were presented. Panel Discussions on the Education Policy took place. Positive and Negative sides of the policy were discussed deeply. Scientific Researches on some unknown topics like ‘Education through Sleep’, ‘Education through Folk Dance’ were presented. Some put forth the importance of ‘Experience based learning.’ For e.g. To get to know about nature and its importance, the harm caused by discharging the waste into water bodies, one can take the students to a lake. They can be asked to clean it. They will learn themselves that the garbage should not be thrown in it. And as a result, Awareness would grow. Other example is also interesting. While teaching about different animals in a Biology class, making the hand shadows of those animals proves to be an engaging task for children. They enjoy the activities and hence love the subject.

Implementing Creativity in Education

The speakers too had the interesting sessions. Ms. Aysegul Aksoy from Turkey interacted on creative ‘learning through Physical and Sports Education.’ Ms. Amelia Wildman from the USA talked about the method of ‘Storytelling in Teaching.’ For e.g. While teaching mathematical Equations, you can personify the digits, draw them and make a story out of it. This technique helps in creating memories with studies. Hence proves helpful in remembering the formula etc and recalling it whenever required.

Experiences and Reviews :-

Participants of this conference had a really unforgettable experience. People were seen helping each other throughout. There were no regional and language barriers. They exchanged their contact details to each other. In short, The symposium has given an intellectual treat to all in a creative way.

Suggestions :-

Educational Tourism should be expanded. Exchange Programs should happen more often with massive connectivity.

For a better education system, reform needs to become from the root level. Teachers should be strengthened. To serve this purpose, Residential Programs and Training could be organized at Taluka level for Trustees and Teachers.

Overall Overview :-

To take an overview, following points can be mentioned. Pedagogical Framework and Evaluation was a significant topic here. Methodological Teaching was the other important issue discussed. Also, along with all the technical compartments related to education, Child Psychology and Educational Psychology was another aspect taken into consideration. Everything summed up together has helped strengthen and build up the theme of this symposium, the outcome of which has been very positive.

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