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State-of-art Project Development and Internship opportunities for the course participants

Every year, Council for Creative Education, Finland organizes a range of 70+ courses from Early Childhood Education to Pedagogical Leadership and from Creative Pedagogy to Education technology.

Our courses are meant for In-service teachers, Principals, teacher students, and are very hands-on, practical oriented. Demonstrating the skills learned during the courses is the key aspect of the learning. For the same reason, we insist on the internship or developmental projects as a mandatory requirement for completion of the course. Due to #Covid-19, most of the schools, preschools are closed or they are not allowing external visitors for internships or projects. We very well understand the situation, so for the same reason, we had earlier defined the policy of developmental projects and it went really well. During those projects, our course participants have designed innovative solutions, researched on specific topics, action research, comparative studies between different countries, applications of various pedagogical solutions, and studied their impacts. These are the various research projects conducted by our participants in the last six to eight months and we are proud of their success.

Now, with the latest project developments within Finland, the course participants may do the internship projects or research developmental projects with eSISU Finnish preschool and SISU Box.

eSISU school is 100% online preschool based on the Finnish early childhood education curriculum and it is conducted with interactive and hybrid learning methods. The participants will be able to experience these preschools and also they can demonstrate their learning skills and teaching process with the help of our expert and qualified teachers.

A brief about these projects :

Considering the pandemic situation the first priority should be given to the health safety of our children but that doesn’t mean that they should be away from learning. The technology has provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to experience the Finnish preschool at one click. eSisu preschool is the first virtual preschool based on the Finnish Early Childhood Education curriculum. The kids can learn from the certified teachers in a friendly way using a lot of creative methods in a safe home environment.

SISU Box is a research-based pedagogical solution for the preschool owners and teachers to implement the Finnish preschool curriculum with Play N Fun Learning.

It is a comprehensive tool kit for teachers, parents of kids aged 2-7. It consists of Finnish preschool curriculum-based teaching aids, activities, games backed with sound research, and experiences from Finnish teachers and researchers.

Following four projects/internship opportunities :

  1. Designing new pedagogical solutions, teaching aids, and feedback systems

  2. Cross-Cultural Projects: Adapting existing games, teaching aids for country, culture, and demography specific requirements

  3. Impact Analysis: Impact study pre-post implementation

  4. Language Adaptations

The course participants may choose from the themes and then discuss with the course coordinator the goal, aim, and timeline for the project.

Join today the range of courses from CCE Finland and explore the new horizons and the latest advancements in early childhood education and pedagogical leadership with us.

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