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Benefits / Why Should you attend?

The Internet has brought the world closer and more interactive. Even a small shop near you has gone global through web. With Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown across different countries the speed at which online adoptions for different businesses and academics has been fast-paced. Then what about teachers? Yes, in recent times, we see a growing trend of teachers going global with students across the globe choosing their courses online. We will train the teachers on how to use Internet power for the best of their benefit. How to create quality content for their online courses? How to use blogs, Social media for content and evaluation? How to earn name, respect, and also money by going global.

Note: Minimum 10 participants to conduct a batch.

Be a Global Teacher (GLOBAL101)

€50.00 Regular Price
€40.00Sale Price
  • - Future of learning and teaching
    - Introduction to Learning Management Systems and Course Works
    - Creating course content online
    - Online credit systems and evaluations
    - Use of youtube and google docs 
    - How to monetize your course? Earn fees online
    - Learn and create a course work online with actual demonstration

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