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The whole world is in great pain and grief due to the pandemic. Amongst these gloomy times, there are some of us, who are fighting with courage and finding out new ways to cope with the unusual situation. Creativity is at a peak in such circumstances where you need to be innovative in your day to day life and work. Council for Creative Education in collaboration with Kindiedays has come up with an innovative course about online Early Childhood Education. We are here to support you through these crucial times.


Available from 20th Jan 2023 onwards 


Speakers: Milla Mikkola and Shirin Kulkarni


Milla Mikkola:

Milla is an Early Childhood Education and EdTech expert. She has a degree in Social Services and Early childhood education. She has worked as a teacher and manager in Finnish kindergartens. She has planned, implemented, and guided teachers in Finnish Early Childhood pedagogy. Milla is especially passionate about personalized learning in early education. Milla is a Co-founder at Kindiedays, a digital solution to support children's learning and quality early childhood education. Milla collaborates with CCE for SISU preschool.


Shirin Kulkarni:
Shirin is the Research Director and Co-founder of the Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland. She is an entrepreneur, researcher and teacher trainer par excellence and a fantastic writer in the field of creativity in education and educational psychology. An expert in curriculum development and training, she has developed all the training modules at CCE from scratch and trained over 12,000 teachers. With her solid expertise in pedagogy and creative education, she has trained teachers and principals to develop their school learning environment using creative methods based on the Finnish education system, known to be the best in the world. This unique approach has been appreciated by educators worldwide and Shirin is currently one of the key researchers who has conducted a comparative study of the Indian education system with the Finnish education system.


CCE has already launched preschools in many countries including Taiwan, South Korea, and India based on Finnish pedagogy and creative education.

New Normal Online Early Childhood Education

€250.00 Regular Price
€125.00Sale Price
  • Topic 1: Understanding the new normal

    Challenges in online education in ECE

    What should be the teaching approach in the new normal?

    Topic 2: Learning Objectives for Online education

    What is the learning objective?

    Why is it important to have a learning objective in ECE?

    Topic 3: Organising the teaching-learning with the help of  technology 

    How to maintain social contact during the online sessions? Rules and regulations

    How to motivate teachers for the new online approach?

    Topic 4: Agewise activities and assessment 

    What activities to use? Agewise activities?

    What kind of homework can be given for different age groups?

    How to divide between synchronous training i.e. everybody present in real-time and asynchronous i.e. children working on their own? 

    Topic 5: Parents as co-teachers

    How to engage and motivate the parents? 

    How to handle special needs children?

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