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CCE takes immense pleasure in presenting our latest eBook,
‘Creative experiments in Schools’.
This book is a compilation of the research papers presented during
the international conferences on the topic of creative education.
Creative education comprises various topics like creative teaching,
developing a learning environment that is necessary to enhance
creativity, the study of students’ creativity. The papers were
submitted by teachers and researchers.
In this e-book, you will be able to read about studies carried
out through various perspectives including the social-emotional
development of the children (Sobita), imagination as a tool for
creativity development (Naolekar), literature review of papers
published about creativity from the year 2019-2020 (Villa and
Guererra), creating learning resources from low-cost material (Patil)
and creating teaching-learning process using Whatsapp as a tool for
a kindergarten in India (Ganpule).
This will be important documentation for the educational
sciences. The papers are based on research projects, small or big,
undertaken by various individuals working in the field of education.
The group comprises teachers, students, and parents.
Editing this book was a refreshing experience for me and my
colleague Nandini Dixit. The reviewing committee has done
remarkable work on the papers. The simple and beautiful book
cover is designed by Sameer Ganpule.
– Shirin Kulkarni
Council for Creative Education, Finland

Creative Experiments in Schools

  • ISBN – ISBN 978-952-69563-3-6

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