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The participants in this 6-weeks workshop should be ideally all K-12 teachers, HOD, Coordinators, Admin, Leadership and Ownership of a school.

At CCE Finland we took up the task to research the impact of COVID-19 on daily teaching practices and designed the framework via our workshop which will provide framework, tips, and suggestions that teachers can apply for rebooting the schools post corona with creativity in the classroom. This 6-weeks program will include an overview of Teacher Preparedness Training to support teachers by providing practical information and tools to address the immediate and long-term challenges of rebooting the school post pandemic.  

Creative Rebooting of Schools in New Normal

  • This program is designed to be flexible, hands-on with self-pace reading material and tools that can be adapted to each context and updated as the situation changes. Although each of our three modules can be used independently, the topics covered in the three modules are interconnected and complimentary.

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