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Teachers' daily work is hectic and sometimes one might hope that there would be another pair of hands, eyes and ears in the classroom. The work is not only teaching but also planning, managing the classroom, communicating with the families and answering to the needs of different learners. There are many things to take into consideration but only limited time and energy resources to use. 

This course gives an introduction to co-teaching - a team teaching method that helps the teachers to share the workload, face the everyday dilemmas together, teach heterogeneous classrooms and learn from each other. With two or more teachers it is easier to take the learning outside the classroom and use student activating learning methods. 

The course introduces the basic concepts of co-teaching, explains the benefits of the method and presents practical instructions on how to design an environment that enables teachers to start a good collaboration. 

Introduction to Co-teaching

    • Theory of co-teaching

    • Benefits, challenges and suitability of co-teaching

    • Different forms of co-teaching

    • A successful co-teaching environment

    • A case study from Finland

    • Practical assignments

    • Classroom implementations

    • Personal reflections

    • Group conversations

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