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Introducing SISU Alphanumeric Box: Where Learning Comes to Life!

🌟 Dive into a world of wonder with our SISU Alphanumeric Box! 🌟

1. Engaging Education: Discover a unique set of toys that make learning an exciting adventure! Each toy is designed to captivate young learners, transforming education into play.

2. Fast-Track Learning: Watch as pre numeracy and pre literacy skills are mastered with ease and joy. Learning becomes fun, fast, and incredibly engaging.

3. Safe Sensory Play: Crafted from soft fabric, our toys ensure safety while enhancing the tactile experience. Children explore letters and numbers with their hands, stimulating their senses.

4. Tangible Learning: Alphabets and numbers leap off the pages and into little hands! Experience the thrill as abstract concepts transform into touchable, graspable objects.

5. Thrilling Education: Imagine the excitement in your child’s eyes as they interact with the alphabet and numbers in a whole new way! Learning has never been this thrilling.


Get ready for a transformative learning journey where education is not just taught; it’s felt, experienced, and cherished. SISU Alphanumeric Box: Where Learning Comes Alive! 🚀✨


SISU BOX AlphaNumeric (A-N)

€250.00 Regular Price
€150.00Sale Price
  • SISU box is a Design from Finland accredited box especially designed for the early childhood education section. SISU box presents a package for use in real-time teaching and learning situations.  The learning materials are suited for the 3yr - 6yr old students. The box is an idea inspired by the Finnish social innovation known as the Maternity box (Äitiyspakkaus). It's a start-up kit for the teachers to activate their students in the Finnish way. The material in the SISU box is designed considering the development goals of the children. 

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