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Introducing Satu Yoga and Cerebration Box: Unleashing the Power of Imagination!

🌟 Satu Yoga Box: Where Imagination Meets Yoga! 🌟

Dive into a world of whimsy and wellness with our Satu Yoga Box! Crafted from soft fabric material, this box is a treasure trove of joy. Inside, find a captivating book where yoga poses come to life through the enchanting stories of kids’ favorite animal characters. These characters, unique to Satu Yoga, guide children through a magical yoga journey, promoting flexibility, focus, and fun. With the touch of fabric and the turn of a page, yoga becomes an adventure, making fitness delightful for young yogis.

🦋 Key Features:

  • Soft Fabric Material for Safe Play
  • Yoga Poses Paired with Animal Adventures
  • Whimsical Stories Ignite Imagination
  • Unique Characters Exclusive to Satu Yoga
  • Cognitive Development Activities
  • Engaging Puzzles and Challenges
  • Creative Exercises for Innovative Thinking
  • Interactive Learning for Young Explorers


Get ready to unleash the power of imagination and intellect with Satu Yoga and Cerebration Box. These boxes aren’t just educational tools; they’re portals to a world where learning is an adventure, and every moment is a chance to explore, grow, and thrive. Embrace the magic, embrace the discovery! 🌟✨



SISU BOX Satu Yoga - Cerebration (SY-C)

€350.00 Regular Price
€250.00Sale Price
  • SISU box is a Design from Finland accredited box especially designed for the early childhood education section. SISU box presents a package for use in real-time teaching and learning situations.  The learning materials are suited for the 3yr - 6yr old students. The box is an idea inspired by the Finnish social innovation known as the Maternity box (Äitiyspakkaus). It's a start-up kit for the teachers to activate their students in the Finnish way. The material in the SISU box is designed considering the development goals of the children. 

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