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Explore Holistic Learning Inspired by Finland's National Core Curriculum!

Delve into a comprehensive educational experience with our SISU Cookbooks series: Alphabets, Numbers, and Satu Yoga, guiding young minds through literacy, numeracy, and creativity. Encourage intellectual curiosity with the Cerebration Cookbook, nurturing problem-solving abilities. Emphasize social-emotional growth through Etiquette Learning and Public Speaking, focusing on respectful interactions, and G-Tree, teaching gratitude. Rooted in Finland's national core curriculum guidelines for early childhood education, these books offer more than just lessons; they're gateways to a well-rounded education, cultivating vital life skills and empathy in young learners.

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Join us in transforming education and promoting social and emotional learning for a brighter future for our children.


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SISU Cookbook Basket

€120.00 Regular Price
€70.00Sale Price
  • Combo of 6 books published by Council for Creative Education, Finland. These unique books are a part of CCE's innovative product called SISU box. The books are developed by early childhood educators and based on Finnish learning areas of early childhood education.

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