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SISU Cookbook - Satu Yoga

Welcome to the enchanting world of "SATU Yoga: Stories, Poses, and Learning," where the power of storytelling and the art of yoga unite in a harmonious dance designed especially for our young learners.


In the heart of this book lies the essence of "Satu," a Finnish term meaning stories for children, but here, it signifies much more. "SATU Yoga" isn't just a collection of stories; it's a pedagogical masterpiece that seamlessly integrates alphanumerics with the transformative practice of yoga. As a creation of CCE Finland Publication, this book pioneers a path that marries the playful exploration of body parts with the graceful art of yoga.


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SISU Cookbook - Satu Yoga

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  • Combo of 6 books published by Council for Creative Education, Finland. These unique books are a part of CCE's innovative product called SISU box. The books are developed by early childhood educators and based on Finnish learning areas of early childhood education.

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