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Unlock Happiness - Self-care to Parenting

At CCE Finland we truly believe that if we wish to make creativity in education a reality not only teachers but most importantly parents are our partners! 


Series of Parents Wellness sessions starting this year of 2022-23 is one such step in caring for our parents and bringing self care to their lives and happiness to their parenting. One such step is the session "From Self Care to Happy Parenting".


Would you like an opportunity to 'Embark on the journey of Self Care' to meet your parenting goals?


We are conducting Hybrid workshops regularly with real time tools to help you on your journey of  Self care and to Happy Parenting.

Unlock Happiness - Self-care to Parenting

    • What is self-care?

    • The benefits of self-care

    • Common self-care myths

    • Practicing self-care for better parenting (Tools for Self-care)

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