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Course Description:

“Creativity is being able to search within yourself and being able to bring out yourself in tangible things”

At CCE Finland we truly believe that if we wish to make creativity in education a reality - teachers selfcare is very important! 

Series of Teachers Wellness sessions starting this year of 2022-23 is one such step in caring for our educators and bringing self care to their lives and happiness to their teaching. One such step is the session "From Self Care to Creativity".

Would you like an opportunity to 'Embark on the journey of Self Care' to meet your teaching & learning goals?

We are conducting Hybrid workshops regularly with real time tools & kits to help you on your journey of  Self care to Creativity in the Classroom.



Being an educator sometimes comes with overwhelming responsibilities. There are targets to meet at work, and there is a lot of work to do at home. When you factor in social activities and other engagements, you will relish the opportunity to trade places with children who have nothing to worry about. But we all know that's next to impossible.

The only way to be at peace with yourself is by embracing the numerous responsibilities and taking some time to focus on what is essential for yourself and your creativity!

Many people feel inspired to pursue creative projects, even multiple ones at the same time. One potential downside is physical and emotional burnout. Good self-care is taking steps daily, even hourly, to stay replenished with the energy and positive attitude needed to be productively creative.

Unlocking Happiness- Selfcare to Creativity

  • Activating your creativity  - A Pathway of Self-Care to Creativity generally involves:

    •Caring for your emotional, physical, and spiritual health in a way that’s aligned with who you are and what you most need.  

    •Living and working in a soul-nurturing environment.

    • Developing a greater appreciation for, and connection with, creativity.

    • Channelizing your work in a manner to express your greatest gifts and talents.

    • Surrounding yourself with people who are smart, creative and self-aware

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