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United Nation's World Creativity and Innovation Day 21-22 April 2021

Council for Creative Education in collaboration with the University of Jyväskylä cordially invites you to the Online Conference for the 8th Symposium on ''Creative education in New Normal''. The conference is organized to celebrate the United Nation’s World Creativity and Innovation Day (https://www.un.org/en/events/creativityday/) and at the same time to reflect on the current situation across the globe, which is in great pain and grief due to the pandemic.

Let’s listen to the stories about the fight and innovation across many nations especially in the field of education in our Online Conference on the World Creativity and Innovation Day, 21st April 2021.

​This event is free for viewer audience.


UN Chair, Finland welcomes you

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Prof. Pekka Neittaanmaki, UN Chair, Finland welcomes you to the 8th Symposium for Creative Education.

eCertificate : 8th Symposium on Creative Education

eCertificate : 8th Symposium on Creative Education

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Who can attend?

We believe that educators, entrepreneurs, parents, and students can greatly benefit from the presentations and conversations. Researchers and teachers (pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher section), principals, educators, trainers, students from teacher education are welcome to present their ideas during live interactions with speakers. We are also encouraging policy-makers responsible for various government institutes, educational policies to join this conference.

Structure of the Conference

Considering the technical glitches and different time zones, CCE has come up with a unique approach for the online conference. The conference will be divided into two parts. The first part will be streaming the pre-recorded videos by the speakers according to the theme of their talk. The second part is the online live interaction with the speakers.


Key Note Speakers

Andreas Schleicher (France)

Keynote Talk:

UN’s Day of Creativity and Innovation: Creative Education in New Normal

​About the Speaker:

  • Director for Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris.

  • He initiated and oversees the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and other international instruments that have created a global platform for policy-makers, researchers and educators across nations and cultures to innovate and transform educational policies and practices.

  • He has worked for over 20 years with ministers and education leaders around the world to improve quality and equity in education.

Heikki Lyytinen (Finland)

Pannel Discussion:

UN’s Day of Creativity and Innovation: Critical Skills in Critical Times

​About the Speaker:

  • UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Literacy Learning for All. 2015-2019, 2019-2023. Unitwin Inclusive Literacy, Unesco Chair.

  • Professor of Neuropsychology and Psychology, University of Jyväskylä

Steve Sherman (South Africa)


​About the Speaker:

  • Steve is the Chief Imagination Officer of the STEAM based NGO, Living Maths in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • He teaches a few thousand students weekly around the world.

  • He feels that it is his destiny to spread the joy of mathematics, science, engineering, edtech, numbers, problem solving and creative thinking to anyone who is willing to listen and even to those who are not.

  • He is a 2020 recipient of the Global Teacher Award, 2 x Tedx speaker, Kahoot Ambassador, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and one of only 2 Skype Master Teachers in South Africa,

Kari Louhivuori (Finland)


​About the Speaker:

  • Kari consults schools, universities, and educators across the globe as CCE's pedagogical coach.

  • Kari is a Veteran teacher and ex-Principal of Kirkkojarvi School, Espoo who have been instrumental in developing Finnish learning experiences since the 1970s.

  • Throughout his career, Kari strongly emphasized on the collaborative developments of schools and organic educational leadership.

  • Kirkkojärvi School got a new building in 2010. Kari worked in close collaboration with Verstas Architects in the planning of the prize-winning school building.

Dr. K S Sameera Simha (India)

Keynote Speaker

  • 9 Years of teaching experience at the Secondary School level.

  • 30 Years of experience as Teacher Educator

  • B.Sc. Mysore University, M. eD. Banglore University, PhD. in Education, Banglore University.

  • Resource person for the development of text books, teacher's guides and work books for Primary- First, Second, Third and Fourth standard Mathematics books, World Bank Project, Government of Karnataka.

  • Chairman for the Development of Maths Text and Workbooks for primary classes under UNICEF project.

  • Secretary of a professional organisation for academic development of teachers- SIGMA, Banglore.

  • Worked as a participant in the Development of a curriculum to introduce environmental education as a subject at the teacher education level sponsered by centre for environmental education.

  • Special interest in structuring classroom operational modalities by translating learning and instructional learning in instructional packages.

  • To work with science teachers to plan for the development of scientific competences and hobbies.

Olayide Odediran(Nigeria)


  • A Director at Dyslexia Nigeria where she works to educate, empower and convene stakeholders in Nigeria to create an environment where dyslexics can thrive.

  • A Certified Cognitive Coach working with individuals to incorporate effective strategies for improved executive functioning and optimal academic and work performance.

  • Topic : Optimizing Outcomes for Inclusive  Education and Dyslexia During COVID-19.

Panagiotes Anastasiades (Greece)


  • Professor, University of Crete , Department of Primary Education, Principal of e-learning LAB

  • Topic : The pedagogical utilization of Land Art and the role of ICT on the encouragement of Primary School students’ Creativity.

Leonard Sommer (Germany)


  • Studied Communication Design in Florence, Italy. 

  • Co-Founder of the creative agency SOMMER+SOMMER

  • XQ Digital, Vice President Sales, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships at BrandMaker

  • Advisory Board Member of „Education Y”

Dr Farida Nurhasanah (Indonesia)


  • Deputy Director of SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Mathematics

  • Topic-Innovative TPD programs for Mathematics Teachers in Southeast Asia Countries During Pandemic Covid – 19.

Keynote Talk:


UN’s Day of Creativity and Innovation: Critical Skills in Critical Times

​About the Speaker:

  • UNESCO chair and Digital Platforms for Transforming Economies.

  • Professor in Information Technology, Numerical Analysis and its Applications, University of Jyväskylä

Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin (France)

Keynote : 

Fostering Students’ Creativity and Critical Thinking: What it Means in School

​About the Speaker:

  • Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin is a Senior Analyst and Deputy Head of Division at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (Directorate for Education and Skills).

  • He currently leads work on education during the covid-19 crisis, but also leads OECD work on digitalization in education, notably the project on “Smart data and digital technology in education: AI, learning analytics and beyond”.

  • He also leads work around disciplined innovation and change management, showing with the work on “Fostering and Assessing Creativity and Critical Thinking in Education” what kind of support, environment and tools school teachers and university professors could be given to improve their teaching and their students’ learning.

Svetlana Belić Malinić (Serbia)


​About the Speaker:

  • An educational thought leader, Dr Svetlana Belic Malinic has been inspiring teachers to experiment with new teaching approaches for more than 20 years.

  • With a digital growth mindset and creativity, Svetlana has shaped educational trends in the region and ideated innovation at many levels. 

  • Her creative ideas have been greatly appreciated in the wider academic community, putting her forward as a finalist for the Global Teacher of the Year Award, recipient of John Haycraft Scholarship for Classroom Exploration and author of many educational projects with deliverables at the state level. 

  • Svetlana is an Academic Director at LINK Educational Alliance, where she shares her learning enthusiasm and professional expertise with educators from across the world.

  • She is also a Cambridge Assessment Specialist and an accredited Cambridge PDQ Programme Leader, who advocates for the values of intercultural competence in international education.

Shirin Kulkarni (Finland)


  • Researcher in the field of Creative Thinking and education for more than 14 years.

  • Research Areas:

    • Creativity and School Environment

    • A comparative study between India and Finland

    • CII (Creativity-identity Interaction) model

    • Narrative teaching techniques

  • Experienced trainer and psychologist

Research Director, CCE Finland

Effie Bachtsevana (Greece)


  • Music teacher, author and global educationist

  • Founder of  a pioneering teaching method called: Let’s Play boomwhackers “Learn English through Music and Play”

  • Instructor of Seminars addressing educators of all stages

  • Effie's Boomwhackers method has been used with great success at Primary schools in Bulgaria, Holland, Greece, Cyprus, India, Turkey, Australia, and Ukraine.

  • Recipient of 20 various International and National Awards

  • TopicLearning and teaching online During Covid19 with Boomwhackers Alternative education formats for young learners.

Thusha Rani Rajendra(Malaysia)


  • A senior lecturer attached to the Teacher Education Institute, Malay Language Campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Currently heads the English Language Unit of her institute and has 25 years of experience in teaching the subject.

  • A member of several editorial boards of indexed journals dedicated to English Language Education and Teacher Education.

  • The author of several articles on comics and graphic novels; multimodality and best practices.

  • Research interest focuses on TESL, language arts, multimodality, design thinking, popular culture, and creative pedagogies.

  • Topic : Getting Artsy: Exploring Language Arts in the New Norm.

Corrado Falcolini(Italy)


  • Associate Professor in Mathematical Physics.

  • Curator of several exhibits

  • Member of the National Scientific Degree Plan and Mathematical Olympiad at Roma Tre University, for high school students and their teachers.

  • Topic : How to make an aperiodic plane tessellation kit … at a distance!

Vilmos Vass (Hungary)


  • Vilmos Vass is habilitated Associate Professor of Education Science and a teacher of Hungarian language and literature, history and pedagogy.

  • He has been teaching in schools and universities for 38 years.

  • He is a board member of several national and international associations. Between 2004 and 2010 he was a member of the EU Key Competences Cluster.

  • In 2003 and 2007, he was the head of the revision on the National Core Curriculum and the Implementation Board.

  • He is member of the Editorial Board of 14 national and international journals.

  • He now works at the Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary.

Prof. Eero Ropo (Finland)


- Keynote Speaker


​About the Speaker:

  • Faculty of Education, Tampere University

  • A globally-renowned expert on Finnish Education, Identity development, and education reforms

  • Finland President Awardee

Jim Friedman


- UN World Creativity and Innovation Day

​About the Speaker:

  • Chief Steward, World Creativity & Innovation Week (April 15-21)

  • White Family Associate Clinical Professor of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

  • Ph.D. Communication, Union Institute, 1982

  • B.S.Design, University of Cincinnati, DAA, 1978

Kristof Fenyvesi (Finland)


​About the Speaker:

  • Researcher of STEAM Education and Multidisciplinary Learning, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä

  • Research Fields: STEAM education; trans-, multidisciplinary and phenomenon-based learning, key competence development; connections between arts & mathematics; problem-solving, playfulness, experience-oriented, and cooperative approaches in learning; hands-on and digital modeling in mathematics, art, and design; interdisciplinary aesthetics. 

  • Postdoctoral Researcher at the Innovative Learning Environments Research Group at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä. Head of STEAMnet Educational Network.

  • Director of Outreach Events of the world’s largest mathematics and arts community, the Bridges Organization. Founder of Experience Workshop Global STEAM Network

Simran Ballani (India)


  • Early Childhood Education Expert

  • Pedagogical Director at CCE Finland

  • Researcher in using asynchronous online teaching methods for early years

  • Well sought speaker and enthusiastic networked educator