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Unlocking Happiness at Corporate

On 20th October 2022, CCE Finland conducted one such session with EvoluteIQ - A Swedish based organization enabling enterprises to accelerate digital transformation by accelerating hyper automation enablement. During one of our earlier interactions on Unlock Happiness Program with EvoluteIQ team - their  Chief Strategy officer - Mr. Deepak Kinger’s immediate reaction was “Let’s get this journey started immediately for EvoluteIQ team that leads our employees from Self Care to Productivity & Creativity”

EvoluteIQ is firmly rooted in the thought process that ‘happy teams can drive innovation’. Employee wellness initiatives allow the company to have holistic growth which generates a productive, happy and stress free team that is able to think outside the box more creatively. This inturn helps EvoluteIQ to bring out the kind of decision-making  and innovative solutions that drives a business forward ensuring client satisfaction.

Here is a glimpse of a gratifying experience for Team EvoluteIQ and CCE Finland.

Learning objectives of the session:

  • What is self-care?

  • The benefits of self-care

  • Common self-care myths

  • Practicing self-care for workplace happiness (Tools)

Session - 45- 90 Days

Format: In person & Online session across South East Asia

Workplace Happiness Coach: Ms. Simran Ballani 

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Learning Objectives

Coaches Profile-


Simran Ballani, Pedagogical Director and Communications Head, CCE Finland

Simran is an Educator and Happiness Coach certified by Berkeley Institute of Wellbeing, CA USA & Happiitude.

A gold medalist in Early Childhood Education with 25 years of experience - Simran combines her HR studies from NCHRA US, Post-Graduation in Education Leadership from Asian College, Professional Diploma in Teaching for Learning, Pedagogy.

She has specialized in early childhood research and parents as partner programs

Coach profile
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