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CCE Finland proud to Launch NEP Model School in Pune, India

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

A visionary, practical, progressive and very comprehensive team of CCE Finland embarked on the journey of bringing creativity in the lives of Students across the globe. In India, implementing New Education policy and Finnish Pedagogy via real time programs students. CCE Finland is working with schools to make their students future ready by building 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration, developing curiosity, and communication. Our collaboration with Indian Schools to implement Finnish Pedagogy and NEP implementation has been one of the best highlights of the year 2021. In this year, we were able to see all our plans into action from adopting the new pedagogical structure to real time implementation. Here is insight to our secret sauce:

  • Structured School Development Programs

  • Teacher Coaching & CCE Finland Signature Courses

  • Implementing Finnish Pedagogy - GO Live for K-2 (NEP Formative Years)

  • Onsite Workshop to understand learning outcomes (Indian/Finnish)

  • Parent Engagement Workshops

  • Activating Student Agency

  • Book Publishing

  • Project Based Learning

Our School Development Program - brings in much needed focus on international standards of applied learning, multiple learning pathways, and focus on technology-enabled pedagogy. This Republic Day was special for CCE Finland as we are happy to announce TAS, Pune as model NEP 2020 school. 'Experience NEP' sessions for parents and students is starting in our TAS Pune campus from February 2022 by appointment only. To book your slot please email

To develop your school as NEP Model and Finnish Pedagogy School


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