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Learning the wonders of my ADHD brain

Rising from failure series

Written by Midhun Noble

I have got seventeen suspensions in my school life and one dismissal. I was what they would call the 'out standing' student for being outside the class all the time. One teacher with whom I shared a love-hate relationship used to tell "He is either going to end up in prison or become the prison guard". The second may be because my father was a policeman.

I survived the school system just because I was good at academics and sports and bad at everything else in life. My notebooks were filled with doodles and I hated writing notes. I did not have a profanity filter and told what I thought and was constantly getting into trouble. I failed in relationships miserably as I was protecting my broken shell more than my ability to see them and love them for what they are.

I survived college with less destructive behaviors but I knew something was different in me. I was too fast, too radical, and variety-seeking for the world. I have heard of this term ADHD in my under graduation and its symptoms. I realized I have some symptoms of the same but then I thought it was like those personality tests people take in colleges and think that is what they are.

I finally underwent my therapy as an adult and my experience made sense. I realized I have a combined type of ADHD one that is rather difficult to place in any bracket. I first tried meds and the feeling was like this is how the rest of the world feel so calm, so focused and so smooth but then I felt it was not me, I am not that version of me in medication that I can't recognize him anymore.

I slowly started learning about the strengths of ADHD. I hated writing so I shifted to typing. I designed my life around time periods of hyper-focus and distractions. I started a firm that supports children in schools with behavioral difficulties. I am still learning, still failing to hit my targets sometimes, still learning the wonders of my ADHD brain.


Thanks to Midhun who shared his story with us. Share your story with us at

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