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Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland is organizing a STEAM camp and International LUMAT Symposium program for students and teachers on STEAM Education with StarT and LUMA Centre Finland 2020.

About StarT:-

StarT is an exciting and encouraging platform that supports carrying out projects related to Science, Technology, and Mathematics. The versatile StarT themes and requirements for the projects allow the learning communities to take advantage of participating in the StarT process in such a way that supports their needs best. The StarT way of working and thinking is based on research and it empowers children and youngsters to use Science, Technology, Mathematics, and 21st-century skills in order to solve real-life issues related to their own lives and future.

In the international StarT, the teachers and students who have carried out distinguished projects and educational practices are given recognition and visibility on many levels, and best practices and projects are awarded. In 2017 and 2018 the winners of the main prizes were awarded a memorable trip to Finland to receive their awards at the StarT Gala.

We encourage all the participants to base their projects on the questions and interests of the students. In addition to that, we hope to motivate the StarT participants to cooperate with e.g. other schools, universities, organizations, companies and other institutions in their projects. StarT also encourages the use of modern technology as well as that of other learning environments outside of school. In StarT, the integration of arts and sciences is promoted for example through drama in the form of science theatre. The projects and creations in StarT involve combining natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology with other disciplines including music, visual arts, drama, languages, and sports.

StarT is more than a competition:-

Even though the form of the international StarT is a competition, StarT is a lot more than that: it is a medium for bringing people from across the world together to share the joy of learning!

StarT combines inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, and phenomenon-based learning. It promotes an interdisciplinary and interest-driven approach to science, mathematics, and technology. The StarT program aims to increase the joy of innovation and learning across subject boundaries. StarT supports also girls’ interest towards science, technology, and mathematics through creative working methods and contexts that students find fascinating.

StarT is organized by the LUMA Centre Finland:-

The owner and main implementer of StarT is LUMA Centre Finland. LUMA Centre Finland is a network of Finnish Science and Technology universities (12 universities in total), and it organizes StarT in collaboration with sponsors and other collaboration partners, such as corporations.

StarT is a long-term project; since 2016  it has been an important part of the yearly action plan of LUMA Centre Finland.  Through StarT, we aim to implement to schools and kindergartens a new, interdisciplinary and collaborative StarT way of working and thinking.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment is done by the StarT jury. When the reporting period ends, the StarT jury will go through all the reported projects and best practices. The evaluation is based on the information provided in the reporting form by the end of the deadline. No information can be added or changed after the deadline. Submissions not meeting the criteria will not be assessed (see the instructions here for projects and best practices).

The StarT jury will decide which of the videos continue on to the public voting. After the public voting, the StarT jury will decide the nominees for the International LUMA StarT awards. The nominees will be decided from the videos that made it to the public voting. The winners of the International LUMA StarT awards will be decided out of the nominees, and the winners will be announced at the gala.

Assessment of project work

The following aspects of the projects will be considered:

  • the process described in the project diaries

  • the project creation

  • the presentation of the project creation

In the assessment of the process, we appreciate the students’ active role in the project, collaboration and the visibility of students’ enthusiasm.

In the assessment of the project creation, we appreciate creativity, innovativeness and a link to one of the StarT themes and to Science, Technology, and Mathematics. We will also consider how well the project fits its intended purpose.

In the assessment of the presentation of the project creation, we will assess the video (max 3 min). We appreciate videos where we can see the students’ input in the planning and implementation of the project. The focus is on innovative ways to present the qualities and applications of the project creation.

Assessment of best practices

In the assessment of best practices, we will look at how the best practice demonstrates links to curriculum, cooperation (including cooperation within the teacher community and with other actors outside of the learning community) and innovative approaches for carrying out inquiry-based and/or phenomenon-based learning (including project-based learning). The best practice should also have a link to Science, Technology, and Mathematics.

It is important that you describe your best practice in such a way that it is easy for other teachers to replicate it in their lessons (much like “a recipe” to your best practice).

The jury will assess the best practices on the basis of the video (max 3 min) and the written description of the best practice. The video can e.g. include a description of your innovative StarT Day.

Agenda of the day

Note: There are no fees to submit a project.

STEAM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEAM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.
What separates STEAM from traditional science and math education is the blended learning environment and showing students how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life. It teaches students computational thinking and focuses on the real-world applications of problem-solving.
STEAM Camp June 2020 with starT

CCE Finland believes in innovative powers students possess. Our goal is to give freedom to explore their innovative ideas and creative abilities. CCE is providing a platform and environment for the students from the age of 11 to 19 years through 5 days STEAM Camp. Here students will get energy, support, and strength of a team to develop their creative abilities and at the end of the camp, you will be amazed to see how creative your student can be!

Every child and youth can be a Star through Teamwork – welcome along!

Why is this camp different?

Creativity is not all about products but it is an interaction of a person, process and environment. In this camp, the students will experience the ‘process’ of creative thinking. within an open and friendly environment. At the end of the camp, you might not get to see an amazing product but the ‘person’ is already inspired to develop one.

Taking part in this camp gives you the amazing opportunity to learn about important issues that affect us all.

Each participant will receive personal guidance and everyone will work in a team to develop innovative projects or ideas. The experts in the field will be guiding each team for the entire duration of the camp. 


Highlights of the Camp


  • Blending your knowledge with leadership skills to benefit your school/ community

  • Planning and organizing camp activities.

  • Learning creative techniques from experts and working in teams.

  • Having fun and making new and lasting friendships.

Who should attend it?


  • The camp is open for all students (Boys and Girls) Age group: 11 -19 Years.

  • The teachers can also join this camp.

  • Groups of teachers and students also can join.

Objectives of  camp

  • To learn about Finnish nature and culture

  • To experience different motor skills in a safe way learning acrobatics and pyramids as basic skills

  • To learn Finnish summer sports activity

  • To participate in an international symposium in Finland

  • To learn about the Finnish education system and STEAM  education

  • To acquire networking worldwide teachers and students

  • To inspire students into Mathematics, Science and Technology through the latest methods and activities of Science and Technology Education.

Registration Form

What are Benefits/Achievements for students/teachers?

  • Collaboration with reputed international brands like CCE.

  • Opportunity to showcase your school/group/family/learning community on the international level.

  • Acquire self-confidence and innovative thinking for students.

  • Expertise guidance to the students to develop and implement their ideas.

  • School/Learning community will be one of the parties while filing patent for the innovation.


Dates and Deadlines for International STEAM Symposium with StarT 2020


  • Accommodation (Twin Sharing), bed linens

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 

  • Activity fee

  • Workshop fee

  • Expert fees (Professors, Lecturers, Entrepreneurs)

  • Dedicated coordinator for symposium, workshops, and internal transfer

  • Day-time and weekday activities and instruction in English

  • Free usage of basic facilities (indoor sports hall and gyms)

  • Local transportation within Helsinki, Finland

  • An international certificate is given by Council for Creative Education, Finland (Recognized by Ministry of Education, Finland)


  • Air Travel ticket, visa, insurance

  • Any missed activity schedule due to the group's or participant's delays

  • Return or further travel after the program ends

  • Transport or Assistance services other than the schedule

  • Drinks or Food items other than mentioned in the itinerary

  • Anything else if not mentioned in the Inclusions

Schedule of Camp

Cancellation Policy

  • Up to 45 days: 100% of the cost - Transaction charges will be refunded

  • Up to 15 days: 50% of the cost - - Transaction charges will be refunded

  • Less than 15 days: No refund


Group Discount

For a group of 5 or more, kindly contact us at

To know more call at :

+358504839418 (Finland) / +919890436368 (India)

Details For Online Bank Transfer  (International)


Account Name :



Account Number : 

FI 41 1146 3001 1433 92




Bank: Nordea  


Currency: EURO


Beneficiary Address: Maijalankatu 9 E 18, 33720, Tampere, FINLAND


Beneficiary Bank Address: Insinoorinkatu 23, 33720, Tampere, FINLAND 

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STEAM Product

Our Collaborators


Khulood Saleh Alfaldli

Saudi Arabia 


Rhoda Tolulope Olufunsho



Sanjay Vomkarey

Telangana, India


Dr. Lin Tsai


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Dr. Shreedhar Joshi

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