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CCE Finland to design and develop the Finnish Curriculum School in Pune, India

Tampere, Finland 4 Feb 2021

CCE Finland and The Academy School (TAS) Pune are delighted to announce the collaboration for the development of the Finnish School in Pune, India. CCE Finland delivers a 360-degree solution of the ‘Finnish School Abroad’: A complete package, which combines the physical and digital dimensions of the inspiring classroom and learning environments – architecture, learning space design, educational technology – with the intangible aspects of education, from pedagogically and research-driven high-quality teacher training, with creative, self-directed and active learning. CCE provides tailor-made teacher training and school development programs - from pre-primary to higher education. Their programs are based on research and expertise from Finnish universities and academia. Moreover, CCE provides insights into the Finnish education system through educational tours and student camps by which the participants understand how creativity is blended well within the Finnish classroom and curriculum. This joining of hands will provide TAS’s teachers, students, and parents access to rich resources, support and global opportunities that enhance the schools’ already excellent teaching and learning experience.

“We are excited to be working with TAS to build on the schools’ strong foundations and success to date with access to greater opportunities that enhance students’ learning. Working together, we can achieve more than we can individually. CCE Finland has a wide range of resources and support to enhance their success” said Kari Louhivouroi, Project and Pedagogical Head of CCE Finland.

CCE’s Head, Strategy and ICT Development - Heramb Kulkarni says that “TAS addition is a perfect fit for the CCE Finland family”.

When asked to express her views on this partnership - Dr. Maithili Tambe, CEO, The Academy School, quoted “ TAS, Pune is not just a school, rather it’s a culmination of the ideology that every child is a proprietor of his/her education and that the true purpose of education is to give back to society by all means possible. The curriculum managers and the TAS leadership team firmly believe that only when the key elements of human design are evaluated with a sharp lens and catered for do we impart knowledge in the truest form. The adage ‘every inch counts’ is the guiding principle behind nurturing and nourishing the core values in the learners at TAS- empathy and nation-building being at the heart of them. When we embarked upon the quest to seek the right global educational partner who could further our vision, CCE Finland checked all boxes as it met our vision and mission. CCE Finland being a part of 'Education Finland' enables students and teachers to learn 'from' and 'with' the best. They also offer bespoke professional & pedagogical development for our teachers and create unique experiences for our students. We at TAS are excited to collaborate with CCE, Finland, and herald a new chapter in the story of The Academy School.”

CCE Finland team consisting of experts from Education, creativity and school curriculum and educational reforms, research domain. This new partnership provides an excellent opportunity to support TAS's vision of developing confident, happy, and creative citizens with a thirst for knowledge and the vision to create a better world.

Communication Team,

CCE Finland

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